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Charmer (StarMyu - Izumi Toraishi x Reader)
"So...what do you say?"
Heaving a deep sigh, you slumped your shoulders from exhaustion and paused for a moment before continuing to apply some makeup on the male model in front of you. Toraishi had just used one of his numerous pick-up lines and had invited you to grab something to eat after work, in hope you'd agree to go out with him – and this hadn't been the first time, no. In fact, the cocky man had been pestering you with his invitations ever since he'd started modelling at the agency you were working part-time for a few days ago. The fact that you'd been assigned to be his makeup artist made matters only worse as you were practically forced to be around Toraishi all the time whenever he had to do a job. At first, you hadn't given much thought about him hitting on you – after all, you'd been working for the model agency for quite some time and were already used to the corny lines the male models occasionally used to tease you. However, you'd quickly come to r
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 12 2
Precious (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)
A small smile adorned your face as you walked into the CCG headquarters, humming quietly a happy tune to yourself as you stepped into the elevator and pressed the button to the right floor. You hadn't had to wait long before the high-pitched ring of a bell informed you that you'd arrived at your destination and you quickly stepped out of the elevator, hearing the sound of its doors shutting behind you. Promptly heading over to Juuzou's desk, you couldn't help that the little smile on your face started to grow bigger as you stole a glance at the plastic bag you were carrying. You were eager to give your raven-haired co-worker the present you'd prepared for him and couldn't wait to see his reaction to it.
The ruby-eyed ghoul investigator was quick to notice you as you waltzed over to his cubicle and beamed at you as soon as you came to a stop in front of him. Flashing you a wide grin, Juuzou welcomed you in his usual cheerful tone.
"Good morning, (f/n)-chan!"
The young man's energetic de
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 69 7
Tavian beard [outlines] by KangaRoo1810 Tavian beard [outlines] :iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 2 34 Lover Boy~ by KangaRoo1810 Lover Boy~ :iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 4 30
Happy memories (LoZ - Link x Reader)
Your whole body was shaking from fatigue as you watched the Demon King Ganon fall onto the ground. Holding your breath, you looked on how his heavy body collapsed with a loud thud onto the earth, blowing up a lot of dust in the process. For a while, you kept staring intently at the unconscious colossal monster and it wasn't until you were absolutely sure that Ganon was defeated that your tense body finally relaxed as you slumped your shoulders in exhaustion, letting out a deep sigh.
"We...we did it."
You muttered under your breath, barely audible. The fact that you had, indeed, just bet the Great King of Evil still seemed somewhat surreal to you and so you turned around to meet your partner's gaze.
As soon as you locked eyes with Link, the blond boy flashed you a faint, yet warm smile while giving you a quick nod – and in this instant realisation finally hit you.
A huge grin quickly crept up onto your face as you started to dash over to the young hero, letting out several cries o
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 62 29
Romantic Wombutt (' ^ ') by KangaRoo1810 Romantic Wombutt (' ^ ') :iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 10 10
Light and Shadow [IV] (Link x Reader x Dark Link)
~Day 1~
Feeling a throbbing pain in your head, you slowly started to awake from your deep slumber. Cautiously beginning to open your eyes, you blinked a few times to clear your slightly blurred view until an unfamiliar ceiling came into your sight. Still feeling dizzy due to the fact that your head was spinning like crazy, it took you quite some time to recall what was going on. Your eyes instantly widened as you remembered that Dark Link had abducted you and you instinctively jolted up, your breathing quickening and your heart beating rapidly against your chest. However, the very next second a sharp headache pierced through your head, immediately making you regret your doings as you let out a small groan, closing your eyes shut. You attempted to raise your arm, wanting to grab your still throbbing head, but for some reason you were unable to do so. Confused, you opened yet again your eyes and looked down to your hand, noticing that you were fettered to an iron hook th
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 32 23
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKOTO!~ by KangaRoo1810 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKOTO!~ :iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 5 14
Cheeky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
Having a good yawn, you plopped your head down on the working table at the HySy ArtMask Studio and you continued to watch Uta creating a new mask with tired eyes. Truth be told, you were sleepy. Very sleepy. But even though your body cried out for you to finally get some sleep, you just wouldn't get up, walk home and go to bed. Instead, you remained seated on a chair at the mask shop, despite being barely able to stay awake.
A few days ago, you'd finally got a copy of a movie you badly wanted to watch and after pestering Uta for half an eternity, telling him over and over again how boring it would be to watch the DVD all alone, the tattooed ghoul had rather reluctantly agreed to have a movie night with you.
However, as the day of your movie night with Uta had arrived, all your plans had been foiled as soon as you'd entered the mask studio, in attempt to come for the male ghoul. Apparently, Uta had got an very important order earlier that day and wouldn't be able to leave his shop by al
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 279 33
Light and Shadow [III] (Link x Reader x Dark Link)
"So, that's the Water Temple, huh?"
Pondering your question aloud, you cocked your head slightly to the side as you regarded the sacred building in front of you before turning around to face Link, who gave you a silent nod in approval.
You merely hummed in response and paused for a moment, but then just shrugged with your shoulders. Link and you had already been through a labyrinth full with nasty Skulltulas and the living hell, bad could this temple possibly be?
"Well, it can't be worse than the Fire Temple, right?"
You flashed the blond male beside you an encouraging smile and turned once again to look at the sacred temple, about to enter it.
"Alright, let's g-"
However, Link swiftly grabbed you by your wrist, stopping you from even starting to walk over to the huge building's entrance.
Surprised, you raised one of your eyebrows from curiosity as you gave the cerulean-eyed man a questioning look.
"Be careful."
You blinked in confusion upon hearing Lin
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 42 40
Light and Shadow [II] (Link x Reader x Dark Link)
"Oh, my Din! I can't believe that all of this is actually happening!"
You exclaimed in a loud voice, astonishment written all over your face as you exited together with Link the Forest Temple. Your mind was still completely jumbled up because of the latest occurrences and you had trouble to organize all your thoughts as you tried to digest what had happened not too long ago.
Shortly after beating up the temple's boss, there had suddenly started to glow a bright ball of light at the centre of the room. Link and you had exchanged curious glances before walking over to the mysterious glistering sphere, not quiet sure of what to do next. The blond man had then cautiously reached out to the light-ball, tapping it carefully with one of his fingers. At the very next second, the shining sphere had abruptly begun to soar up, only to explode shortly before reaching the ceiling, revealing a young, green-haired girl. Your instincts had instantly kicked in and you'd showed yourself ready to lunge a
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 36 18
Feverish dream (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou x Reader)
A blissful smile spread over your face as you came to stop in front the CCG headquarters. Even though you had the day off, you'd made up your mind to stop by and pay one of your co-workers, Juuzou to be exact, a visit. Earlier that day, you'd baked a strawberry cheesecake and knowing that the stitched male has a sweet tooth, you'd decided on brightening up his day with some home-made baked goods. And so you'd packed the raven-haired investigator a 'desert lunch-box' and made your way to your workplace.
“Good afternoon, everybody!”
You greeted your colleges in a cheerful tone as soon as you entered the office department you and Juuzou work at and gave them a small wave with your free hand while making your way over to the ruby-eyed man's desk. You took a quick glance at the neatly wrapped box you were carrying and couldn't but break into a wide grin as you started to imagine Juuzou's reaction to your small present. Totally absorbed in your daydreams, you didn't watch where y
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 195 24
Light and Shadow [I] (Link x Reader x Dark Link)
"Oh, c''ve got be kidding me."
You heaved a loud groan as you looked up at the Forest Temple in front of you, regarding the poor condition it was in. Most of the huge mansion-like building's walls had already begun to fall apart over the past years and those parts, which were still intact, were nearly entirely clad in ivy. But the worst thing was definitely the fact that the stairway to the temple's entrance was broken...or more like: it didn't even exist anymore.
You let a sigh escape your lips and pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration before starting to observe the temple's surroundings, searching for an alternative way to enter the sacred place. After several days of beating your way through that hell of labyrinth, called the Lost Woods, and fighting numerous monsters, you certainly didn't want to just give up and go back home without at least trying to find another way into the temple. Especially not when a stupid broken stairway was the only obstacle. You went th
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 67 22
Cheer up (Tokyo Ghoul:re - Juuzou Suzuya x Reader)
Walking over to your office desk, you uttered a small sigh before dumping the files you had been carrying into a box with the label "closed cases" on it. Your last investigation hadn't been necessarily a difficult one, but the report you'd had to write took you forever to finish – and everyone knows that writing reports is a real pain in the arse. Just as you were about to turn around, ready to grab your bag and go home, your gaze fell upon the framed picture at the corner of your desk. A sad smile spread out on your face as you took the photo in your hands, regarding it intently.
The picture showed a brightly grinning 14 years old version of yourself, standing beside Amon, who had himself a wide smile on his face while ruffling up your hair with one of his big hands.
You remembered the day you had taken the picture clearly...
"Mr. Amon! Mr. Amon!"
You ran excitedly up to the black-haired ghoul investigator, holding up a camera in one of your hands and waving it hastily around
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 121 33
Cuddle Partner (Boueibu - Yumoto Hakone x Reader)
Ever since your best friend had found out about your crush on a certain blond male, she had been enjoying teasing you about it at the fullest. She'd often tell you to pluck up the courage and just flat out tell Yumoto that you like him.
'C'mon, tell him already! I bet he likes you back!'
Those words of your best friend kept swirling around in your mind and made you wonder whether she could be actually right about it or not. Yumoto and you were spending a lot of time together after all and he'd already told you several times that he was really enjoying himself whenever he got to be around you. Then again, this didn't have to mean anything at all.
You had been racking your brain for days now, thinking about what to do. Should you tell him? Wouldn't it ruin your friendship if he didn't like you the same way you like him?
All this pondering caused you to act rather strangely, especially around Yumoto. You would flinch and stutter some nonsense whenever he asked you something and when you a
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 49 39
Sneaky pervert (Tokyo Ghoul - Uta x Reader)
A bored yawn escaped Uta's throat as he lazily zapped through the television programme. Soap operas, crime thrillers, cartoons, documentaries – there were plenty TV-shows, yet nothing caught his interest. Turning the television off, the tattooed ghoul got  up from the couch before stretching himself and starting to walk from the living room into the kitchen.
Just as Uta was about to reach it, there started a loud banging against his apartment door.
*knock knock knock knock knock*
"Uta? It's me, (f/n). Get moving and open the door, it's frigging cold outside!"
Upon hearing your voice, the male ghoul turned around and started to stroll unhurriedly over to the door to his apartment, not bothered at all by your earlier demand. Reaching out for the knob, Uta twisted it and opened the front door, only to reveal your shivering form to which the ghoul raised his eyebrows ever so slightly in surprise.
You were soaking wet, your hair was sticking to your body and dripping. The
:iconkangaroo1810:KangaRoo1810 361 32


HBD LISAAAAAAA!!! by Tenkana HBD LISAAAAAAA!!! :icontenkana:Tenkana 19 11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISAAAA!!!! by Tenkana HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISAAAA!!!! :icontenkana:Tenkana 29 16 Arigatou, 300+ Watchers! by Tenkana Arigatou, 300+ Watchers! :icontenkana:Tenkana 30 2 Thanks, 300+ Watchers~ by Tenkana Thanks, 300+ Watchers~ :icontenkana:Tenkana 17 13 300+ TYVM! by Tenkana 300+ TYVM! :icontenkana:Tenkana 96 18 February 27: Binanshi Day by Tenkana February 27: Binanshi Day :icontenkana:Tenkana 47 23 300+ Thanks! by Tenkana 300+ Thanks! :icontenkana:Tenkana 47 17 300+ Thank you~! by Tenkana 300+ Thank you~! :icontenkana:Tenkana 46 10 Happy Birthday Masuda Toshiki!! by Tenkana Happy Birthday Masuda Toshiki!! :icontenkana:Tenkana 82 56 KIRAME KIRA KIRA!!!! by rossomimi KIRAME KIRA KIRA!!!! :iconrossomimi:rossomimi 30 11 January 27: Binanshi Day by Tenkana January 27: Binanshi Day :icontenkana:Tenkana 75 40 Ghoul Surgery by Senju2Hell Ghoul Surgery :iconsenju2hell:Senju2Hell 109 10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! by Tenkana HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! :icontenkana:Tenkana 39 37 [08.31] Juudai HBD 2015 by Tenkana [08.31] Juudai HBD 2015 :icontenkana:Tenkana 71 68 Sakamaki Kanato-Diabolik Lovers by MikiSashire Sakamaki Kanato-Diabolik Lovers :iconmikisashire:MikiSashire 159 8




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