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You breathed a deep sigh of relief the moment that you'd managed to squeeze yourself through the crowded train. Even though you'd been living in Tokyo for your whole life, you still weren't used to the awful rush hours and were happy whenever you were finally able to get out of that hell of pushing and shoving. Sighing yet again, you tiredly started to trudge out of the station and towards your apartment.
You hadn't been really in a good mood for the whole day and were glad that you were soon able to plop down on your couch, put up your feet and relax. Working as a ghoul investigator at the CCG wasn't exactly a picnic and there happened to be these days were you just wanted to do nothing but return to your home.
Once you've reached your apartment, you dug a hand into your bag and started to search for your keys. After rummaging around for a while, you managed to fish them out of the darkest recesses of your handbag and plugged them into the keyhole of the door to your place before unlocking it with a quick move of your hand.
Just as you stepped into your flat and switched on the lights, you saw Juuzou's face appear right in front you.

"Ahhhh! Good evening, (f/n)-chan!~"

You instantly flinched back, giving a loud shriek as your eyes widened in shock.
"What the-?! Juuzou?!"

The snowy-haired man just offered you a bright smile in response as you stood still at the entry of your place, totally flabbergasted.
"Mhhhh, you're pretty late, (f/n)-chan. I expected you to be here much earlier."

It took you some time to comprehend what was going on and you blinked a few times in confusion until realisation hit you.
"H-hold on a minute...what are you doing in my apartment?!"

Juuzou, however, seemed to completely ignore your question as he continued with his own talking.
"Oh, did you maybe work overtime again?"

You furrowed your brows, thinking further about the situation you were in.
"And how did you even come in here in the first place?!"

But the white-haired investigator still didn't bother at all to give you a proper answer.
"Ah, come to think of it, Mr. Arima always gives you a lot of paperwork, doesn't he?"

"I-I mean, the door was locked! Did you just break in or something?!"

The young male frowned slightly as he tipped one of his fingers against his chin, he really appeared to be caught on his version of the conversation with you.
"Mhhh, paperwork is so stuffy. I would have already died of boredom a long time ago..."

You slouched your shoulders, shaking your head in disbelief. You'd known Juuzou for quiet some time now and knew that questioning this guy further more would lead you to nowhere. He simply wasn't responding to anything you said and you doubted that this would change in the twinkling of an eye. So you decided to play along with his little game, believing that this was the only way – if there was one at all – to get some answers to your questions.
Looking up at Juuzou, you gave the male a small smile.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. Paperwork isn't the most exciting thing to do. Just like you, I also prefer to actually carry out some ghoul investigations but paperwork has to be done, so there isn't really a way around."

Juuzou chuckled and flashed you yet another big grin, seemingly happy about your response.
"We're on the same page then! Except I don't really do the paperwork I get assigned to...ah, anyways! You shouldn't just stand there in the door. I didn't come to chitchat with you, after all."

You giggled secretly to yourself, amused by the white-haired man's abrupt mood swings. Even though you'd already worked a good bunch of times with Juuzou, he still never failed to surprise you. He was just so unpredictable - every time you thought he'd go right, he ended up turning left and that was what made collaborating with him so exciting.
Most people thought of him as a creepy person but you found it a lot of fun to be around him.
Though, you did have to admit that his unique way was indeed in need of getting used to.
"So...are you going to tell me now why exactly you're here, in my apartment?"

Juuzou just grabbed your wrist in response and started to head to your kitchen while humming happily, dragging you more or less voluntarily along with him.
"Just wait and see, it's a surprise!~"

Once you entered the kitchen, the snowy-white-haired man pushed you down on a chair near the dining table.
"Now, close your eyes!"

You blinked a few times.

The stitched male chuckled before demanding once again in a playful voice.
"Just close your eyes, (f/n)! Play along for once!~"

You shrugged with your shoulders and did as you were told. He may be a little bit quirky, but Juuzou surely wasn't a bad guy – you knew he wouldn't hurt you, at least as long as you weren't a ghoul. So you didn't really see why not to join in his 'little game'...whatever that meant.

You could hear some rustling and shortly after the noises had died away, Juuzou spoke up again.
"Now, open your eyes!"

As soon as you cast up your eyes, you saw the young investigator grinning from ear to ear and sitting cross-legged on your wooden kitchen table, holding up a small package toward you.

"...what is that?"

"A present I got for you!"
Juuzou exclaimed loudly while his smile widened even more. For some reason he seemed to be very proud of himself.

Confused, you cocked your head to the side as you raised your eyebrows in question.
"A present? For me?"

Juuzou confirmed you in a sing-sang voice as he opened the box before shoving it right in your face.
"It's a strawberry shortcake! Strawberry shortcake is your favourite dessert, right?"

Just as you were about to answer in the affirmative, you felt something being put into your mouth and flinched from the sudden action before a pleasant sweetness spread out in your mouth.

"(f/n)-chan! Say 'ahhhhhhh'!"

You barely managed to swallow the piece of dessert without choking on it. But your lasting coughing seemed to get totally unnoticed by the white-haired male, seeing as he continued to talk to you in a casual tone.
"It's good, isn't it? I've got it from that new pastry shop in town!"

"Juuzou! You can't just go and do stuff like that without any warning!"
You scolded the white-haired man sternly while glaring at him through narrowed eyes.

However, just as before Juuzou ignored you completely.
"It's called 'Gourmandes', which is French for 'people with a sweet tooth' or something like that if I remember correct what the owner of the shop told me."

This time you yelled in a louder and also a little bit harsher tone.

The young man paused and looked at you with a puzzled expression on his face.
"Hmm? What is it, (f/n)-chan?"

You sighed again. Reasoning with Juuzou about it would be like throwing pearls before swine. He just marched to the beat of his own drum and you couldn't argue with that.
You shook your head once again before offering the male in front of you a small smile.
", nothing. Just...thanks."

"So you liked it? Great!"
The ghoul investigator exclaimed gladly while clapping his hands together.
"That means that you're in a good mood now, right?"

You giggled and gave the white-haired man a sheepish smile.
"Um, I guess so?"

Upon hearing your positive affirmation, Juuzou hopped full of energy down from the table and threw his hands into the air, laughing happily.
"Thaha, awesome! You were kinda moody for the whole day. I figured something sweet would cheer you up since you're always smiling when eating desserts!"

A light blush started to form on your cheeks as you brushed a loose strand of hair behind your ear. He didn't really seem like it, but Juuzou actually paid a lot of attention to his surroundings. You were well aware of that fact, but it was nonetheless a big surprise to you that he would notice and even remember little things like your habits or favourite dessert.
Looking squarely into the ghoul investigator's ruby eyes, you flashed the white-haired man a warm smile with a slightly reddened face.
"It really did. Thanks, Juuzou."

Just as you finished thanking the white-haired man, Juuzou grabbed your hand and yanked you up from your sitting position before starting to dash into the direction of your apartment door.

The sudden and unexpected turn of events caused you to let out a small yelp.
"Woha! What are you doing now?"

Upon hearing your surprised tone, Juuzou stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to face you, blinking a few times in confusion.
"Huh? Didn't you say that you were feeling better? Since I brought you some dessert, I thought you could take me out for dinner now."

You deadpanned at first as soon as the male's explanation for his actions reached your ears, he sounded so natural about his completely senseless conclusion. But your expression quickly turned into an amused one as you cracked a wide smile – then again: this was just so Juuzou!
"Alright. Dinner's on me, then!"

The snowy-haired investigator let out a hearty laugh and flashed you yet again one of his biggest smiles before proceeding to step out of your apartment, heading to some place to eat at.
"Yeay!~ Thanks, (f/n)-chan, you're the best!"

You couldn't but fell into Juuzou's contagious laugher as you returned his smile and trailed happily the young man, feeling a warm sensation rising inside of your body.
"Thehe. No problem, Juuzou. You're very welcome."

Juuzou surely was a weirdo, but you wouldn't have him any other way. For you fell for the snowy-haired investigator exactly the way he is – twisted in so many ways but also totally lovable.~
Thehe, I totally love Juuzou! <3
I just want to hug him and make him smile :meow:

Enjoy the story, guys! Llama Emoji-67 (Yes food) [V3]

*I apologise for any mistakes :/

Disclaim: I do not own Tokyo Ghoul, it belongs to Sui Ishida.
Neither belongs the picture to me, I found it randomly on Google! Though, it's taken from the anime as far as I can, I guess (but I can't tell for sure) it belongs to either Sui Ishida or Studio Pierrot [… (26.04.2015)]
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